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Exceptional Customer Service – we will strive to exceed your expectations and provide you with the best service you’ve ever experienced. From the start with removal and/or demolition, to the final clean-up, we will not disappoint!

Attention to the Details – We pay attention to the smallest details. For us, it’s a matter of professionalism and integrity.

Tremendous Value – We may not always be the cheapest, but we will always provide you with tremendous value. We want each of our clients to know they got a great deal!

Quality Craftsmanship – We have the equipment, expertise and experience to provide you with outstanding, quality craftsmanship. When we’re done, your new tile project is going to look great!

Floor Tile INstallation

A beautifully designed tile floor brings life to a room. We can help bring your design dreams to life and create an inviting and attractive space.

Kitchen Tile Installation

Regardless of your style and preference, rejuvenate a powder room or bathroom suite with the beauty and durability of ceramic and porcelain floor tile. 

Bathroom Tile Installation

Tiling your kitchen backsplash & floor will give it a fresh look that will decorate your kitchen and give it exactly the flavor you want it to have.

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Are you looking for a tile floor installation contractors? Absolutely you are at the right site. At Tile floor Installation Company in Sarasota, FL, we value the artistic, creative finishing, interior decor blend and the elegant beauty you are looking for in terms of giving your floor superb interior and exterior designs. We are an established company based in Sarasota Florida and our rich experience in tile installation is our pride. Tiles offer the last result in terms of finishing your floor and decorating it. At Tile floor Installation Company in Sarasota, FL we have a great reputation for our excellent service. We know construction is an industry by itself and always it will demand products like tiles. Quality standard is our motive.

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Why we are the best tile installation contractors in Sarasota, FL.

  1. Quality production: As per all production firms profit is the core principles that run them but for us quantity is not justified without quality. We value the customer satisfaction and that why Saratoga Florida Tile Company offers the best quality. Tiles don’t break; they are hard enough and are attached to the floor giving a perfect durability guarantee.
  2. Expertise: We are a qualified, registered and certified company by the building and construction authority. Adding to our shelves is the well-equipped and professional team we have. Whether its installation or renovating, our experts are there to give a prolific work. We understand that tiles are a permanent fix and any altering or insufficiency will lead to additional cost. We are therefore dedicated to do it right and save your money.
  3. Strategic position: We are found in the heart of Florida, Saratoga. We are able to serve a wide customer base nationally and across the states hence standing out to be the best tile floor installation company in Sarasota, FL. We are available for our esteemed customers through our set network and thus we can easily reach them or they can reach us. We are also strategically placed as the market leaders in the tile installation. Our pride is to lead and other follow and set a pace for efficiency and perfection.
  4. Customer service: As broad as the work may seem, we are glad to cover it all from delivery services, installation service, monitoring and advisory services to customers with specific designs. Cleaning is also a service in our docket and we believe in keeping your floor original and new. We are applauded for providing a dynamic and a well-structured customer base from our established services.
  5. Variety and assortment: Providing a wide range of installation designs and patterns is a priority. We understand that tiles come with different sizes, colors, designs and patterns for different floor setting and thus we are equipped to tackle and provide a fantastic finish regardless of the difference. Color is our unique way of classifying our range of variety. Installing tiles requires a well understanding of the formula and color to match with the interior or the exterior designs.

Honest and dependable

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We are always improving

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Tile installers

Caution! Certain tiles are slippery and thus depending with where they are being installed a precaution has to be adhered to. Slippery tiles can cause permanent disability to the victim or even death. As the best tile installation company in Sarasota FL this is basic information we require our customers to specify. We value life just as a superb finishing. Noted as the best tile installation company in Sarasota FL is not a publicity stand but from the experience and professionalism in our work. It calls for commitment creativity, and dedication.

The word best is an ideal match for us. Without a well set route map by our professionals and management it would be a dream land of impossibility. The cordial relationship we have created is evident that our customers value us more as we always do to them. The beacon of our success is noticeable in the history of our customer satisfaction and reviews of past work done as we are a company building more than just our brands. When looking out for a company to trust with the floor tile installation considers the best, which will guarantee you’re the expected results.

Tile Installation Contractors

in Sarasota

Sarasota, Florida Tile installation contractors install various kinds of tiles such as ceramic, marble, and porcelain in different residential and commercial buildings. Their job is physically demanding and while they do not require professional training, if you are to get a good job done, enough research is required.

Tile installation requires accurate and meticulous work. Just one off centered or misplaced tile can ruin a whole floor installation. For example, one small tiled that is wrongly positioned can throw off the grout line and the pattern, creating quite an eyesore. Moreover, redoing a botched tile installation job can disruptive, messy and expensive. This is why it is important to hire the best tile installation contractors. A seasoned professional will ensure the job is done right the first time.

Below is a guide on how to find the best tile installation contractors in Sarasota, FL.

Beginning your Search 
To begin your search, it is advisable to check at a tile supply store. Tile supply stores cater to contractors and are at a better position to know who does quality work. Besides, you should consider commercial tile installation contractors who also take residential jobs. This is because a large proportion of tiling work goes into commercial premises. Commercial tiling contractors are therefore the most experienced guys for the job. Do not accept offers to do the tile installation from your carpenter, laborer or any other non-professional already doing other tasks at your home. They will charge less but the quality of work will be compromised.

Qualifying a Tile Contractor 
After you get a few names, begin qualifying them by checking among others, if their insurance is current, their years of experience and of course references. None of these factors should be overlooked. A tile contractor’s past work speaks a lot about the quality of his workmanship. When viewing past work, check the spacing between joints as well as the grout lines. Next check the tile layout pattern. It is also important to check that the tiles are neatly tucked and check that the wood and the walls do not contain water stains or splashed grout. Another excellent way to qualify the work of a tile contractor is to ask if you can visit a current job site. If granted the permission, you can assess the level of organization of the project. Organization is a very important consideration because tiling projects are demanding in nature.

What am I to bid? If you are okay with the quality of workmanship, request for quotations. However, in order to get correct estimates, you should provide a scale pattern map as well as tile samples so that the contractors know the design and types of tiles you have in mind. An architect or a draftsman can help you with the scale map. The contractors will then use the scale map to estimate labor costs and wastes. All bids should contain a two year guarantee against leaks.

Professionalism is Important
It important to have a written agreement before the work begins. The agreement serves as a contract because it details how the work is done and the obligations of each party. Once you append your signatures, the agreement becomes binding.

Getting the job done  Most tile installation contractors prefer to supply the materials. Do not worry about this. In fact it works to your advantage since they will charge you the same or even less than if you went to make the purchase yourself. This is because most outlets offer professional discounts to the tile contractors. Besides, the Sarasota tile contractor is at a better position to choose the correct tile types. Remember you have a guarantee that the contractor is responsible for the quality of work done. Moreover, failure of the tiles by themselves is very rare.

After the tile installation contractor has begun the work, it is possible to discover that the pattern is not what you had envisaged. If the discovery is made early, you can request for changes. However, this increases the installation costs. 

It is important to hire the best tile installation contractors for top quality work. You should not shy from asking the prospective contractor any question you may have. Critical questions on relevant experience, the equipment the contractor uses as well as recent work must not be overlooked.

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